About Us

Voltran Silah Sanayi is a company which produce and sells Blank (Signal) pistols, CO2 Pistols, Flobert Pistols, Air guns and Gun accessories to the domestic and international markets for 20 years.
Providing effective solutions for the needs of customers throught its innovative ideas, authentic designs and quality service from production to after-sale process, Voltran Silah Sanayi excellently meets your needs and demands and provides the best service to you by improving its service quality and product ranges each and every day.
Operating in line with its growth targets, powerful and innovative R&D department of Voltran Silah Sana is closely following the innovations, design and trends in the field of guns around the world. In this way, i has become a leading company on both local and international level, and the company confidently proceeds on the way of becoming a global player in the sector with its EKOL brand.
Using Using the raw materials and articles that comply with world standards for production, Voltran Silah Sanayi is continuing to operate uninterruptedly at its new head office with enclosed area of 10.000 sqm in order to maintain and improve its quality concept during all phases of production.